About us

Who We Are
We are distrinutors for a national mobile communication company with clients using the same products as small and corporate giants ranging from Pizza Hut, Notre Dame, Army National Guard, professional sports teams and more. 

Our Philosophy
Plan well, execute well... be all in!
Go for it!

What We Do
1 - Loyalty Mobile Messaging
We provide our clients with the ability to connect directly with their clients through the most important device any of them have, their mobile phone.  iPhone, iPad, smartphone apps, mobile websites, SMS, MMS, mobile video, are all tools we use to deliver our partners content to their customers in real-time.

2 - Directory listings, Google rankings and review management

3- Online ordering strategies

Our Customers Get A 97% Read-Rate
The versatility and necessity of the mobile phone as an all encompassing device, insures that it is with our consumers or possible consumers wherever they may go. Our company teaches brands to interact with these people and their devices in every communication, whether it be online, at the point-of-sale, through traditional media, in social networks,  or even on a coupon. Our strategies aggressively build databases of customers that we can then push messages to at exactly the time when we know they are making the buying decision and with a 97% read-rate. 

Our Products Garner A Redemption/Call-To-Action Rates Of 7% Or Better
The key component lies in the fact that each and every mobile promotion provides a measureable Return-on-Investment that is easy to quantify.  Because mobile marketers continue to turn in case study after case study showing redemption/call-to-action rates of 7% or better and in some rare ooccasions astronomically higher. It is no surprise that 89% of major brands have had some type of mobile marketing in their budget since 2011.