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Save on advertising and sell more!
( What a concept!)

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You probably already know this

98% of text messages are opened within 4 minutes

Text messages have an 8% conversion rate (8% of texts sent will lead to a sale)  


67% of web site visitors will leave if the site is not mobilized. Your customers are mobile. Why aren't you? If you already are, great! How is the competition doing!

Mobile messaging costs 5 times less than email messaging for a 5 times better opened rate.

"Costs less, sells more!"

Save on advertising and sell more!
(What a concept!)

More Mobile Messaging
Lose that old expensive TV ad today!
Can TV do this?
Text your customers within minutes of when they need you most. If you run a restaurant, offer a super deal at 11: 00AM just before lunch, right on their cell phones! "Buy a large pizza and get one freel". You will certainly change lunch plans for many hungry workers. The office will start talking food and order sharing, "pick-up or delivery?"
Can direct mail do that? Nope!
Facebook only give you a 12% read rate. You get 98% with mobile messaging and at least 8% will buy.
Can E-mail do that? Try again!
Mobile messaging this is cheapest to run and is most likely to generate more sales when you need them.
Mobile messaging is the best! Period!

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this off
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​When you go green, you save on printing and mailing. You sell more : the response is quicker and the conversion rate climbs higher.

Spend less,
Sell more,
What a concept !   

Now you can watch TV !

Save on advertising 
and sell more...

(What a concept!)